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❝Candy is nature's way of making up for Mondays.
- Rebecca Gober

America is the basic hub of the most optimum and ritzy sweets of all time. With the widest range and the very best prices, here is a collection of the must-haves you cannot miss!

(1) 100 Grand
The King of Nestlé Chocolate Candy Collections, I'd personally call it. This candy is more like two at a price of one. The chocolate aroma speaks of it to be strong and rich. It has a lot of crispies on the edges and tops, and the insides are filled with hidden caramel. Biting into the chocolate bar, the prominent and thick caramel covering three sides of this candy bar pulls well and gives its true flavour. The variety of flavours mix well together and gives an endearing taste to bring it to the top of the most classic candies in America!

(2) Charleston Chew
This candy bar has long, outlasted yet Classic a dance craze which inspired it's name. Aesthetically, it's amusing. The packing of a retro wrapper - a bright, unmistakable yellow with bold royal blue lettering makes it stick right out and distinctive on all candy shelves. The bar has a unique proportion which instantly draws attention. The thin layer of chocolate melts as it hits your mouth & the vanilla nougat weaves with the chocolate in a perfect mix of melt and chew. The candy dissolves and remains, at the same time, which is a lovely feeling and well worth experiencing in all three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Also, TRY FROZEN!

(3) Chocolate Moon Pie
Known as the Original Marshmallow Sandwich, a Chocolate Moon pie tastes cuter than the name sounds. The candy is basically marshmallow squished between Graham Crackers with the whole thing dipped and decorated through with chocolate. It has been around on American Shelves for about 90 years, and sure sizzles a Classic! The aroma of this candy shouts graham more than chocolate which makes it unique and worthy. It sticks through your teeth and takes you back to your childhood. You can even try heating up this candy for a jolly, sweet ride.

(4) Hershey's Cookie 'N' Cremé
Yum, yum, yum. Hershey's isn't something you'd want to come across everyday for it can make you F-A-T in the happiest form of yourself, for the taste takes you to cloud 9 altogether. The bar is small, thin and with a rather good lot of cookie bits in it. The chocolate is very sweet whilst the cookie keeps the sweetness balanced. It's a delightful treat and not that a Typical Hershey Filling so it wouldn't consume all of your stomach at once. It's pretty bomb.

(5) Hershey's Kisses
Hershey's surely has been fancying out the best in the American Market, analysing the right taste at once! Hershey's Kisses Deluxe is a clever way to snack sophisticated. The packaging and figure of the chocolate candy is heartmelting. It's full of delicate crispes in each melt that it forms inside your mouth. It comes in a vast varieties of flavours which makes it difficult to make a choice. Also, it's Gluten Free!

(6) Milkyway Midnight Dark
With a really attractive wrapper, the candy definitely looks exotic and mysterious! The taste is initially that of a regular Milkyway, slowly with a creamy blend of chocolate and lightly chewy nougats. It has a mesmerising aftertaste and even surprises with slight of an orange flavour.

(7) Hostess's Sno Balls
Hostess Sno Balls regularly come in packs of two fluffy pink / white balls that can be quite comparable to ear muffs but they're actually coconut and marshmallow covered chocolate cakes with a creamy filling. They have that squishy soft marshmallow texture on the outside, originally more like cupcake sans the frosting with an impressive blend of textures and flavours to even a chocolate cake's. Worth It!

(8) Twinkies
This candy is like an American Must-Have Candy of all time. Similar to one's grandparents, everyone likes the idea of Twinkies as a charming throwback but few are willing to put in the effort to actually support and sustain the enterprise. This candy took the biggest comeback of a ChocEra (Chocolate Era, if I may).  In ripping open the package, ounces out the aroma of a birthday cake. That's a stroke of marketing/product-smell genius, which tends to associate you to the happiness of a birthday celebration from your childhood. It's Spongy & pillowey, which makes it fun to eat. Almost immediately followed by the core vein of frosting, too sugary by half and with a richness. The last distinct flavor is the bottom crust of browned cake. You gotta take this ride.

(9) Welch’s Grape - Filled Licorice
Years back, began the trend of filled licorice, initiated in America. Available in two flavours - Strawberry & Grape - the licorice was classically dense and firm both. Fall and rise got this candy and it was later in time that the people came to realise how these candies are unique, intriguing and distinctively satisfying. The filling is exclusively tastier than the outmost part. It has a pure Welch Jam flavour, hard for me to perfectly describe unless you actually grab a bite already!

(10) SweeTarts
Bring up your soft side for you're in for the softest, fluffiest and the most delicate SweeTart candy ever. Unlike a SweeTart candy, they're sweet and not sour at all which makes it outrageous for a little candy in great style. It's known to be the classic, cute little American Candy one shouldn't deny. It has a vast variety of fruity flavours and have diligently earned their spot in the Candy Hall of Fame.