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...the passion contained merely kisses
placed upon lips, neck and cheek
these young lovers of the castle
of which our fairytale speaks...
- Muse

Sweets are great, Sweets are fun.. Isn't that quite a felicitous rhyme? Candies, lollipops, chocolates & so on are dear to us no matter what our age is. Sugary, cloying, syrupy & of all shapes and sizes, American Sweets always worth a shot. Let's have a look at the 7 Most Popular American Sweets of 2016 -

(1) Airheads Candy
It's one candy with a rather intriguing name. The packaging, for sure, is very catchy and so it's a compact candy awesome enough to get on the top of my list here. It's a marketed tie up to Disney's Movie - Cars. Airheads bars has the regular flavors: Watermelon, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Mystery White and also includes two new flavors - Mater Punch and Burnt Rubber. Don't judge, it's beyond-words a yummy. Planks of chewy, taffy like substance, Airheads are soft and pliable and have a unique sugary grain in it. They're pretty flavourful and delicious big time.

(2) Charms
Namely Charms Boutique Premium Lollipops are pop charmed with perfection. Filled with a creamy vanilla centre, it has 8 flavours - Orange cream, Caramel Latte, Strawberry Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Root Beer Float, Crème Brûlée and Cinnamon Bun. Just as exciting the flavour sound, they taste even better. The packaging is beautiful and classy. It's a flavourful and beautiful choice one shouldn't miss.

(3) Red Vines
Here's your can of the yummiest worms ever. Red Vines, originally marketed as Raspberry Vines in 1920, were renamed in 1952 for a bubbly, fresh start and a rather lucky one for the most Original & Classic Red Twists of all time! They're honestly crazy delicious. It's a non-chocolate Hit. The candies are sold in a variety of formats, some single vines and others in a pull apart bar or textured bites. They’re exceptionally durable and can withstand temperature variations within reason inside the sealed package without much deterioration or flavor or texture. They smell of coconut and strawberry shortcake lip balm, feeling more like an innocent and lovely summer afternoon.

(4) Bubblicious
The label says cotton candy, and this gum tastes like cotton candy. Exactly. Like. Cotton candy. I assure you it takes you back to your childhood where each bit of that cotton candy, you could kill for but not share at all. Texture wise, it starts off somewhat firmer than other bubblegums, which makes it unique. The bubbles are impressive, very thin and yummmmaaayyy.

(5) Angry Birds
Yup, it's true chap. They're officially a candy. They come in a theater style box. There are four editions, rather flavours of the box, each themed for a different main character of the game - Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. They're so cute, which' some of the main reasons you would never not want to eat them. Each flavor is a different color and a different character. They’re bright and soft and bouncy. They’re not terribly greasy, but do have a little waxy coating to keep them from sticking. They’re rather small, mostly round and delicious.

(6) Hershey's
They've a classy packaging and a delightful taste. They're originally a candy car but people confuse it to categorise it as a chocolate bar. They come in a variety of flavours and types and are definitely one of a kind. They're tender and appetising.

(7) Skittles
Skittles Orchards are grouped candies packaged from candyland or so it seems. These come in various flavours but the ones I've mentioned are REALLY famous ; Orange, Red Apple, Lime, Peach & Cherry. They all have a tart texture and are extremely fruity and juicy. When I say extremely, it's major extremely and I'm serious. Do you know originally around 60 flavours of Skittles Orchard have been launched in the US? It's counted as one of the most popular candies of all times. And, they're delectable.